Patient-Focused Care

Vascular Solutions have over 10 years of experience in delivering high quality services, ranging from targeted waiting list reduction to fully managed Vascular Laboratory Services.

Our team have a joint 40+ years experience working with patients and fellow staff in diagnostic imaging, this wealth of experience and our team’s dedication is where we shine through from.

At the heart of everything we do is the patient and a genuine desire to care for those we see in our clinics. We strive to make the experience as efficient, pleasant and personal as possible by seeing the process from the patients point of view.

Emma Waldegrave, Clinical Lead/Director ‘Our team manage a streamlined pathway for our patients from referral to follow up with the Consultant or GP. We ensure our patients receive the best quality service and care during their time in our department. Our staff are experienced professionals who are highly skilled and passionate.

Our communication and organisational skills save our clients and patients valuable time ensuring  efficiency within the system, leading to better patient experiences and outcomes.

We strive to reduce waiting times, offer convenient clinics, provide helpful professional feedback on patients results and follow up the patient whilst in our care.’

Benefits to your Organisation:

High quality ultrasound service with consistent accredited clinical staff

Fully managed service from referral to report production

Streamlined admin to scan process

Improved patient experience

Reducing your capital expenditure

Reduced administration costs

Tailored to your exacting and changing needs

Effective Clinical Outcomes

We believe that quality cannot be compromised. Quality services bring improved patients outcomes, leading to better efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Vascular Solutions ensure quality services by investing in their people. In house training is delivered and continued professional development is encouraged. Maintaining accreditation and keeping up to date with mandatory training is obligatory.

Our clients have always praised our services and in particular our diagnostic reporting. Vascular Solutions use an illustrated and text report to get across the complex detailed information obtained in Duplex scans.  For Consultants and Medical Doctors with high cognitive workloads this smart reporting style can aid tremendously as interpretation of the findings are visible and treatment solutions can be explored and planned more readily.

Case Studies